Boycott Fraud - Save our Elections!

Patriots, we are making a statement this runoff election.

We will not support those who do not support Trump. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler have abandoned Trump so we are abandoning them.

Watch Distinguished Conservative Hank Parker's message regarding the Georgia election. As you can see in the top right corner of the video, nearly 50,000 patriots have signed up to support the cause!

Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are not fighting against the fraud! In fact, they are pushing to certify the votes.

Somehow they want us to trust the same machines used in the presidential election!

Listen to Our President

Here is what our President has to say about the RINOs in Georgia.

Our great president has used his time in office fighting against the RINOs in the swamp and they have turned on him.

Let's take a closer look at these Republicans In Name Only.

Meet the RINOs

The RINOs of Georgia: David Perdue, Brian Kemp, and Kelly Loeffler.

Brian Kemp

Favorite Activity: Betraying Trump

Stake in Dominion: Unknown (a lot)

Brian Kemp seems to have an affinity for Election Fraud, since his time as the Secertary of State of Georgia he has constantly commited election fraud. Before the 2018 election he incorrectly purged hundrends of thousands of registered voters. He also wiped an election server after the authenticity of the votes were questioned -- OOPS!

Kemp has no issue with accepting bribes. In fact, the only reason he selected Kelly Loeffler to fill the vacant senate seat was because she bribed him with millions in political donations.

Kelly Loeffler

Favorite Activity: Bribing Others

Net Worth: $800,000,000+

Kelly Loeffler has used her short time in the Senate to increase her personal wealth while our 401Ks suffered. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic Loeffler used privileged inside information to determine which stocks to buy and sell. She wants us to think that it was just luck that she bought stock in a teleworking company just weeks before everyone started working from home.

She did get investigated for this, but the investigation mysteriously stopped shortly after her husband donated $1 million to a RINO Super PAC.

David Perdue

Favorite Activity: Insider Trading

Stock Trades while Senator: 2,596

Since the fraud from the Election started emerging, Perdue has fought for the vote to be certified in Georgia. He has gone arround telling his millionaire campaign donors that Biden has won! With all the power he has, he is doing nothing to fight for Trump.

This is not the first time Perdue has been corrupt. Since his election to the Senate he has used his position to personally generate wealth. He bought stocks of companies that he then awarded government contracts to! It does not get much more corrupt than this.

See the Support

This is not a small movement. Republicans throughout Georgia feel the same.

do not vote in the ga senate - trump urges - USA TODAY
do not vote in the ga senate - trump urges - daily beast
do not vote in the ga senate - trump urges - daily beast
Sidney Powell - do not vote in GA

Show your support!

Share this page with your friends and family! Lets show the RINOs who is really in control of the Republican party.

Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue REFUSE to FIGHT the fraud in Georgia. We cannot support them if they will not support us. Learn more: #BoycottFraud #StopTheSteal

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